Sky Lane Thailand

The new bike lane project in Suvarnabhumi Airport’s neighborhood – Sky Lane Thailand – is under the coordination of Airports of Thailand (AOT) and Siam Commercial Bank (SCB). This project aims to serve the community with bicycling space that is available day and night. To ensure safety and facilitate the ride, the SNAP Band has
Bicycling is a form of exercise that allows riders to lose a decent amount of weight. However, the amount of weight loss depends both on the riding technique and on how frequently the riders ride.

The Road to “OPTIMA” Bike

Over the past five years in Thailand, bicycle shops have mushroomed everywhere, countless bicycle products of international brands have been imported, many bicycle exhibitions have been held in large scale, and large organizations have been setting their goals to make the country a bicycle hub of the ASEAN region, bringing a lot of excitement to

5 Cool Apps for Cyclists

Endomondo A fitness tracker that records your average speed, duration, burnt calories, minimum and maximum altitude, hydration, and many more as you ride. Strava A tracker for your runs and rides that allows you to compare your running and riding with friends. Cyclemeter One of the most advanced applications for cyclists that makes your smartphone
Thailand is a quite hot country, don’t you think? So let’s find some shadowy places to go for a ride! Suan Luang Rama IX Public Park A beautiful park built under the joint effort between the private and public sectors as a gift to the King on the auspicious occasion of his 5th Cycle Birthday
If you haven’t come up with where you’d like to spend your holiday riding your bicycle yet, we suggest you try this route to the Royal Dad’s Retreat – Chang Hua Man Royal Project – in Petchaburi province. Petchaburi is known for its scenic coastline, soothing sea breeze, and turquoise sea, as well as a place

Common Cycling Injuries

Whether you are a professional or recreational cyclist, you may at times experience any of these three common cycling injuries. See how to treat and prevent them.

What is Boost 148?

Boost 148….it is simply a new hub standard. A standard MTB rear hub comes with a 135mm wide axle. Just a few years ago, it gets wider to 142mm. Now, it goes even further for another 6mm extra wider. Not only does the rear hub get wider, the front hub gets extra 10mm wider. Why?
Everyone has their dream destinations, and so do cycling enthusiasts. Today we have selected five of the most sought-after destinations among cycling enthusiasts to name in this issue.  Amsterdam, the Netherlands Amsterdam is a world’s most bike-friendly city that lies in the country where 40% of the nation takes bicycle as their primary means of