OPTIMA is proudly a Thai brand. We are a Thai bike maker with experience of more than 30 years in this industry.

OPTIMA bikes are made in Thailand. Our bikes are 100% assembled in Thailand. We work with many world class bike component makers to get the right components for our bikes. Good quality components are crucial to a bike performance. On one bike, there are more than 30 components working in tandam. All the components used on our bikes are carefully selected from world's famous brands like Shimano, Sram, 3T, San Marco, FSA, etc. They come from all over the world.

With years of experience as a bicycle manufacturer and vision of the company’s executives, it is no surprise that every single detail of Optima bikes best answers to the needs of cyclists. We have quality control in every production section, and what’s more, we’re a manufacturer who exports bicycles to Europe, which means that our products are able to meet their quality standard. Importantly, we’re an official partner of many world-renowned bicycle part manufacturing companies such as Shimano, DT-Swiss, 3T, San Marco etc. In this way we have been able to offer high-end bicycles at reasonable prices.


You can get your bike serviced at any OPTIMA dealer shop.

You need to fill out the warranty from and then send it back to us or give it to the dealer you make the purchase. A valid warranty card is required to present to us or the dealer at the time of claim.

Our warranty covers frame for 3 year. During this warranty period, if you find any damage on your bike frame caused by manufacturer's defect, we will give you a frame replacement. This frame coverage applies for both alloy frames and carbon fiber frames.

Of course, the cosmetic damage is not covered under the warranty. Frame damages caused by misuse or riding accident are not covered under our warranty.

Simply call us. We will manage to find solutions for you to select.

We realize that carbon fiber frames are vauleable. You buy it because you love to use it. We do not want the value of the frame gets into your way on riding the way you want. We come up with CFFRP just for you. Under our CFFRP, you can get a new carbon fiber frame as a replacement of your damaged frame at 50% discount off the frame's MSRP, no matter what causes the damage on your frame. The replacement frame will be the same model as the one you claim. Your damaged frame must returned to us. In case that we cannot find the same model frame for replacement, a similar model will be used in place.

Nothing. All OPTIMA carbon fiber bikes come with CFFRP for free. What you have to do is to present a valid warranty card to use this CFFRP. The only things you have to pay is the courier charge if any.